CFI Product Catalog

For Copper Pressure Fitting, Press Copper Fitting, Brass Pressure Fitting, Copper & Brass DWV Fitting, Quick Connect Push Fitting, Pex A Expansion Fitting, and Pex B Crimp Fitting broken bag quantities have a 10% upcharge in price. CFI will automatically round your order to the closest bag quantity unless you order a broken bag on your purchase order.
All Products 10/05/20 Multiplier
Copper Pressure Fitting 03/25/20 Multiplier
Press Copper Fitting 03/20/20 Multiplier
Brass Pressure Fitting 03/20/20 Multiplier
Copper & Brass DWV Fitting 03/20/20 Multiplier
Quick Connect Push Fitting 03/20/20 Multiplier
Pex A Expansion Fitting 03/20/20 Multiplier
Pex B Crimp Fitting 03/20/20 Multiplier
Valve & Hose Bibb 03/20/20 Multiplier
DWV Brass Tubular 03/20/20 Multiplier
ABS DWV Fitting 03/20/20 Multiplier
No-Hub Pipe & Fitting 10/05/20 Multiplier
Coupling 03/20/20 Multiplier
Pipe Support & Accessory 03/20/20 Multiplier
Drain, Floor Sink & Grate 03/20/20 Multiplier
Water Heater Accessory 03/20/20 Multiplier

MIIFLEX Product Catalog

Angle Stop 03/20/20 Multiplier
Gas Connector 03/20/20 Multiplier
Water Flex & Supply Line 03/25/20 Multiplier

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Credit Application 12/24/19
Credit Card Authorization 03/22/18
CA Sales Permit Verification 04/03/18
RGA Request Form 08/21/19
Tax ID Verification 01/30/18


Submittals PDF Last Update
Ball Valve 03/24/20
Cast Iron 02/26/19
Copper Fittings 01/31/19
Press copper 02/06/19
NH Coupling 09/10/19
NSF NH Coupling 09/10/19
HD NH Coupling 09/10/19
Floor Sink 01/31/19
Round Floor Sink 02/11/19